Point of Sale Installation

A Point of Sale Software can do the following for you

  • Monitor and control inventory levels
  • Reduce out of stock situations
  • Use promotional sales to increase traffic flow
  • Ability to print food and bar orders directly in the kitchen or bar

Our Voyage POS software was developed closely with retail business owners to make sure it is not what we want it to be but what the end user wants!

It has label printing and bar code generation capabilities, and we cater for 90% of scales available for weight items. Voyage POS is truly a powerful stock management system. With its build in club card (loyalty) module you can make sure your customers will return to your business. We have an integrated EFT solution for your credit card sales, and we also can generate pin or pin less airtime 'Vouchers'.

With its user-friendly interface for restaurants, bars and take-away/s it's quick and easy to serve your clients. Voyage POS also has the ability to redirect from order section printers that might be faulty, so that you can continue the flow of your business. Finger print readers allows for a much safer and quicker login process. Our Club Card module is like no other in South Africa, you can let your clients earn points on items they buy or on the total value of the sale. Those points can be converted to a voucher or loaded straight to their club card to be redeemed. You will also be able to do SMS/ Email Marketing this unique module. This method will also be able to offer you a cash less system.

The below table gives a summary of what the system can do

  • Add Products
  • Add Supplier
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Receive Stock
  • Claims
  • Supplier Discounts
Stock Management
  • Stock Take
  • Manage Selling prices and markup
  • Promotions
  • Various Tender Types (Cash, Card)
  • Returns
  • Void
  • Exchanges
  • Cash-ups
  • Management Reports
  • Journals can be exported to other accounting systems
  • Day-end

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