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Zebex  Z-9001 Portable Laser Data Collector

Zebex  Z-9001 Portable Laser Data Collector Z-900x Series redefines simplicity with more s..

R9,154 Ex Tax: R8,030
Zebex Z-3060U Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-3060U Barcode ScannerHandheld Omnidirectional Laser Scanner with stylish exterior and great ..

R2,366 Ex Tax: R2,075
Zebex Z-3101U Barcode Scanner

Z-3101U Barcode ScannerThis handheld laser scanner Z-3101 is designed with a rugged finish by elast..

R1,026 Ex Tax: R900
Zebex Z-3151HSU Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-3151HSU Barcode ScannerThe Z-3151HS is a high class handheld single-line laser scanner with ..

R1,334 Ex Tax: R1,170
Zebex Z-3190U Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-3190U Barcode ScannerHandheld Gun-Type CCD Scanner. Embedded with ZEBEX most advanced decodi..

R1,117 Ex Tax: R980
Zebex Z-6070U Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-6070U Barcode ScannerHands-Free Dual-Laser Omnidirectional Scanner. The redesigned Z-6070 is..

R3,511 Ex Tax: R3,080
Zebex Z-6182U Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-6182U Barcode ScannerAdvanced Dual-Laser Omnidirectional Scanner. The Z-6182 is a compact ve..

R4,332 Ex Tax: R3,800
Zebex Z-9000 Portable CCD Data Collector

Zebex Z-9000 Portable CCD Data Collector Kit - BluetoothZ-900x Series redefines simplicity with more..

R3,648 Ex Tax: R3,200
Zebra® GK420t Direct Thermal

Zebra® GK420t Direct Thermal Desktop PrinterThe GK420t is the ideal option for mid-volume and distri..

R6,051 Ex Tax: R5,308
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