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Posiflex MR2100U Card Reader

Posiflex MR2100U   Card ReaderFeaturesBi-directional swipeHeavy duty die-casting housing3-..

R866 Ex Tax: R760
Posiflex MR2200U Card Reader

Posiflex MR2200U Magnetic  Card ReaderFeatures Dual Head. Can read Tracks 1, 2 & 3. ..

R1,123 Ex Tax: R985
Posiflex MT-4008W/R Mobile POS Terminal

Posiflex MT-4008W/R Mobile POS TerminalMT-4008W (U.S. Patent 9436226 B2) is specifically created for..

R15,424 Ex Tax: R13,530
Posiflex PC-440BS

Mecer Heavy Duty Cash Drawer, Available in Black with Printer Kick Device interface; 5 Adj..

R1,368 Ex Tax: R1,200
Posiflex PD2600 Pole Display

Posiflex PD2600 Pole Display(Serial)FeaturesGreen or Blue screen filterTwo-line display with 20 char..

R1,208 Ex Tax: R1,060
Posiflex PP-6900 LAN

Posiflex PP-6900 LANThe PP-6900 is a high performance but economic model featuring excellent reliab..

R2,718 Ex Tax: R2,384
Posiflex PS-3315E 15" Touch Terminal

Posiflex PS-3313E All in One UnitStreamlined design equips with a foldable base;PS-3315E provides us..

R9,887 Ex Tax: R8,673
Posiflex SK-200 Barcode Scanner

Posiflex SK-200 Barcode ScannerPosiflex Omni-Directional Laser Scanner with Bracket- USB; Omni-direc..

R2,850 Ex Tax: R2,500
Posiflex XT-3015PCT Touch Terminal

Posiflex XT-3015PCT Touch TerminalIn today’s retail and hospitality market, POS terminal is no longe..

R11,172 Ex Tax: R9,800
POSIFLEX XT-4015 15” Touch Terminal

JIVA XT SeriesWith a 15” bezel-free true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully ..

R16,302 Ex Tax: R14,300
POSIFLEX XT-5315-I3 15'' Touch Terminal

JIVA XT Series With the true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully sculptur..

R19,949 Ex Tax: R17,499
POSIFLEX XT-5317 17" Touch Terminal

JIVA XT SeriesWith the true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully sculptured sl..

R19,835 Ex Tax: R17,399
Posiflex XT3915IR-4G 15'' Touch Terminal

Posiflex XT3915IR-4GXT-3915IR is the new Bay Trail based fanless IR touch terminal in the XT famil..

R11,669 Ex Tax: R10,236
Proline CR-2005-M BLK Cash Drawer

Coin/Bill Tray: (adjustable) 8-10C / 4-5B(Metal Wire Gripper)8-10C / 6B (2 Metal Wire and 4 ABS Vert..

R627 Ex Tax: R550
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